Ekrin B37 Review – Is it a best message gun for you?

Are you searching for Ekrin B37 Review? Then yes you are at correct place. We have shared every detail of Erkin B37 massage gun.

We have done all research about Erkin B37 massage gun. Here we have presented all the details about it. You will get to know everything about it and can make a wise decision to buy it or not.

EKRIN B37 is a Message Gun used Percussive therapy for your body and also its gives you deep muscle treatment.

After Heavy workout or post workload Only a few moments with the EKRIN B37 Percussion gives you a better feeling, better Movement, and your painful body part will recover faster.

Let’s see the detail review of it below:

Erkin B37 Massage Gun

erkin b37 review

Key Features:

  • It provides 5 speeds ranging from 1400 – 3200 RPM
  • Powerful vibration & No Noise
  • Gives Relieve to tight & Sore muscles
  • Ergonomic Design helps you to reach 90% of your body by yourself

Amazon Rating: 4.8

Ekrin B37 Review

Features and Item Description
Design: The product built in an Ergonomic Design having 15° angled handle for better reach
Power: Its provides Pro-Grade Power, reliant Up to 56 lbs. of stall force with a Weight of 2.2 lbs
Battery Life: Its having 2550 mAh, non-removable Samsung Lithium-ion battery which deliver approx. 6-8 Hr. long lasting Battery Life
Speeds and Quality: 5 Speeds, 1400 – 3200 RPM Adjustable Speeds and comes with an ultra-Quiet Technology
Attachments: Product included 4 Attachments for Highly targeted massage
Warranty: The company provides Lifetime warranty for this product
Box Contents:  Inside box You’ll get a molded travel case, 4 attachments, and a charger.

About EKRIN B37 Message Gun

The EKRIN Athletics Company is a very young well-known company located in Boston, MA. The company mainly creates and sell versatile line of percussive therapy devices which is useful for deep muscle treatment that relieves aches and pains, reduces soreness, and speeds up recovery.

Unlike other message gun products of other companies that gives you at most 6months to 2 years’ product warranty, EKRIN Athletics provides Lifetime warranty.

The device itself is impressive, very stylish and glossy looking and at the same time Very easy and simple for use.

It will come up with a high-quality carrying case. You have only one button for turn on and off. By holding this gun, you can message any part of the body and any posture.

Design and Quality of Erkin B37 Massage Gun:

In look wise EKRIN B37 is very stylish and attractive, lightweight and very simple and easy for use. The EKRIN B37 is made of hard plastic apart form the ball head.

All heads can be easily attached and removed functionally and the heads only needs you to do little bit of push and pull.

The line on the fork head is mainly for to prevent it from spinning around as you massage the spine area.

The nice aesthetics of the green shell make it unique look form all other silver and black massage guns out there. Its having a weight of only 2.2lbs and its perfectly fit in your hand and you can hold it in your hand for a long time, the ergonomics of the 15-degree handle is simply make it perfect and very comfortable to use.

It allows you to reach almost 90% of the body muscles without having to work your arm into difficult positions. In the box the company provides an instruction manual, there they have step by step instruct you how to use the product.

erkin b37 review

The 4 Attachments:

The EKRIN B37 Is come up with 4 Interchangeable Attachments which is customize for each treatment. Each attachment is specifically designed with different shape and impact for giving you proper treatment for each area of the body parts. They are –

Round-Ball Head- The round ball head is mainly for general massage on large muscle group. This is the lazy massage gun head which is always attached in 90% to 95% case. Unlike other brand the EKRIN B37 is made with a higher quality EVA foam and its gives you a smooth on our glutes and hamstring.

Fork-Spine Head- The fork-spine head is specially designed to treat the spine area and neck area.  The two prongs go either side of the spine and activate the muscles around there. You guys can used it for lower back pains also.

Flat Head- Like Round-Ball head the Flat head also used for overall. It’s actually for multi-purpose use. It can work on diverse sets of muscles but most of the people love to using it for larger muscles like pecs, the glutes and calves.

Bullet Head –

The bullet head is the focus head, pinpoint treatment for hands, feet and knots etc. when you have pain in certain muscles for heavy lifting occasional shoulder sprains then bullet head gives us a perfect treatment.

Speed and Performance:

The speed of B37 is vary between 1400 – 3200 RPM. It will helps you to get precise muscle penetration especially when you are using more pressure.

In case you need deep percussive treatment, or having sore or sensitive areas, or just want to activate muscles pre-workout, the B37 has a range of speeds calibrated to fit your needs. It will helpful not only for heavy muscles also for light one.

The speed of B37 is revs across 5 speeds, you can Switch it between low and high intensity. In B37 you will get up to up to 56 lbs. of deep percussive stall force, that stall force is progressive with speeds.

We have practically tested and also taken thousands of customer feedback for Quality performance of the product. This product was hit all the blue tick in every corner.

EKRIN B37 is given the perfect stroke length and amplitude to its customer. It will provide stroke length of 12mm amplitude which is enough for deep tissue massage. At a higher speed the machine can provide deep-to-the-bone massage also.

Only a 30 seconds of treatment will free your muscles by increasing blood flow and releasing tension. Activate your muscles to maximize training & performance.

Battery and Noise:

The EKRIN B37 includes high-powered Samsung lithium-ion battery. The battery has a capacity of 2550 mAh and it will provide 5-8 hours’ battery life which will depending on how long you use it and the amount of pressure you use during your massage sessions.

In this device there are 4 LEDs below the power button which will help you to understanding the charge level. Take your treatment in concentration and with relax without the hassle of lugging extra batteries or worrying about losing the charge.

The best part of the B37 is the noise level. Its powerful but also quiet. It will give 28 lbs to 56 lbs of force without any noise.

According to our opinion it’s not too noisy and it’s not the quietest gun also, it’s quiet enough. With 5 variable motor speeds, this machine vibrates along at a very tolerable 55dB.

As an example You can very well carry on a conversation without the need to raise your voice. Which makes it very comfortable to use.

erkin b37 massage gun

The Advantages of EKRIN B37 Relate to Other Products:

All the products having some positive and negative sites, same with EKRIN B37 also. But the most profitable points with B37 is its price and warranty.

Ekrin B37 has a powerful stall force of 56lbs relate to any other products except Only Theragun Pro. In Theragun Pro having a stall force of 60lbs.

The B37 has speeds ranging between 1400-3200 RPM. So it is one of the leading in market when it’s come to speed.

The battery backup of EKRIN B37 is last up to 6- 8 hours, if we compare with Theraguns it only provides up to 3-4 hours’ battery life. And B37 is also very less noisy, in a range of 35 – 55 dB equivalent to rainfall

The most amazing part about EKRIN B37 is it offers a lifetime warranty. Where other product like Theragun Pro offers a 1 or 2 years’ warranty and it is 50-70% lower price than the other products.

In one sentence its incredibly powerful, very simple and easy features, the grip is extremely comfortable to hold, it has given a swivelling head for better positioning and its Signature 15° Angled Handle helps to Less fatigue and greater reach.

Our Final Verdict on Erkin B37 Massage Gun

We have come to the end for final verdict. If we conclude all the above points Based on the price, performance, battery life, and design then you will never get a better offer than EKRIN B37.

As I already mentioned every product have their own positive and negative sites. Some products like Theragun Pro and Hypervolt offers better features than B37 but its again come to the point of price.

If you able to afford the higher price than go with those product (Theragun Pro and Hypervolt ) but we will guaranty  within this range you cant get better product than this.

So without wasting time we recommended you to buy this product as soon as possible.

Hope you liked our Erkin B37 review. For more products visit our Homepage. See you soon. Thank you.

Erkin B37 Massage Gun review : Our Conclusion

  • Design and Quality
  • Speed and Performance
  • Battery and Noise


Ekrin B37 is our #1 top pick in our Buyer’s Guide. In case of Quality, Usability, Effectiveness, Accessories, Price Value it is leading the market.

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