How To Clean Treadmill Belt? 3 Simple Tips

If you are using a treadmill then you also have to clean different parts of the treadmill right? So, here we have brought exclusive content of how to clean treadmill belt?

We have shared stepwise process to clean the belt. Many people has already found this article helpful. So, read the article to the end to know the full process.

How To Clean Treadmill Belt?

The treadmill is a very useful fitness-related equipment. If you have a treadmill then it’s really great because you can do several kinds of running and jogging-related activities which are really helpful for your health.

How To Clean Treadmill Belt

Even by using a treadmill only, you can lose weight. Modern treadmills have lots of features like inclination, declination control, pre-set programs for different kinds of tracks, soft-drop folding technology, cushioning system, etc.

So buying a treadmill means taking care of huge equipment. You also need to know how to clean sweat off treadmill belt. So, to ensure the working ability of the treadmill for a long time, you should take care of each and every part of it.

Cleaning the treadmill belt is one of them. We will share some simple tips by which you can take care of your tread belt.

First Tip To Clean Treadmill Belt

It is a very common tip, you need not buy anything to clean your treadmill belt. You just need a towel whose length is twice more than the belt width. It is a manual process but it is very easy to do. First for safety, disconnect the electric connection to avoid any unnecessary accident.

Then simply insert the towel beneath the belt and pull it from the other side. After that from that side, pull the towel above the belt and hold it tightly.

If you cannot do it alone then take help from another person but we are sure that you can do it. 

After that simply move the towel back and forth up to two to three times. Then manually turn the tread belt and repeat the same thing.

After the completion of the belt cleaning, remove the towel gently and you will notice all the dust, and dirt falling over the towel. It is a very easy process, you can try it.

Second Tip To Clean Belt

how to lubricate a treadmill belt

It is also a very simple tip. You can do it easily by yourself and it is very less time-consuming. But the thing is that it will only clean one side of the tread belt. First, make a soap solution with the proper amount of water. Then turn on the treadmill with a speed of 0.5 miles per hour.

Take a brush and pour it into the soap solution and rub the brush on the tread belt. Repeat it up to 10 to 15 times. After that take a soft towel and rub it on the tread belt. All the dust will vanish in a matter of seconds if you can follow this tip.

Third Tip To Clean Treadmill Belt

how to clean sweat off treadmill belt

A clean treadmill belt does not mean only cleaning the surface. You have to also maintain the mobility of the belt.

You should lubricate your tread belt once a month or after 200 miles of distance each time. Maintaining mobility is very important otherwise the smoothness of the belt will be lost.

Buy any treadmill belt lubricant from your nearest hardware shop. Then attach a nozzle with the bottle of the lubricant (already provided with the product) and then simply put the nozzle into the walking deck and pour the liquid on the deck. Then simply rub the liquid on the walking deck using your hand. Don’t forget to use gloves.

As you can see, by following some simple tips, you can maintain the quality of the treadmill belt for a long time. Maintaining treadmill is very important.

Each and every step are simple, time-saving and the main thing is that you can do it by yourself. We are sharing a list of some popular lubricant oil available in the market, you can buy them online.

Treadmill Cleaning Product and Lubricant

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Conclusion: How to Clean Treadmill Belt

Cleaning the treadmill belt means, increasing the longevity of the belt. But that does not mean that the quality of the belt will still remain the same year after year.

If the condition of the belt is very poor, if the fibers are loosening from the belt, then it’s time to change the entire belt. For this kind of belt, the above tips may not be helpful.

In that case, if you can do it by yourself, then unmount the belt from the driving system by removing the rollers, and then you can separate the belt from the walking deck.

Install a new belt and then assemble all the parts of the treadmill again. If you cannot do this, you can call a technician.

Hope you got the idea that how to clean treadmill belt? If you have any opinion please comment down below. For more posts regarding fitness equipment go to homepage of fitnessmount. Thank You. Visit Again.

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