Sole F63 vs F80 Treadmill – Which is Best for You in 2022 ?

Are you are searching for best treadmill Sole f63 vs f80 for home gym? Confused between sole f80 and f63 which to buy? Then yes you are at correct place. We will help you out to make a wise decision.

Both sole f80 and f63 both are really good to buy in 2021. Here we will share with you the comparison between f80 and f63.

Sole’s F series treadmill comes with good quality and worth buying. Here, coming to f80 and f63 from Sole is one of the best from their F series treadmill under the price range.

We have done all the research for you. We will share the detail comparison between the two Sole’s F series treadmill.

Just get chill and read our entire post to understand much better and we will help you to update you with all the details so that you can make a wise decision. Fitness is like wealth and we will help you achieve it.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started with the comparison between Sole f80 and f63. Though most of the features are same, we will see where they differ at a glance. Then we will go for detailed comparison.

Sole f63 vs f80 Treadmill

Sole F63Sole F80
This has 3 HP motorThis has 3.5 HP motor
F63 supports upto 325 poundsF80 supports upto 375 pounds
Warranty: 3 years for the deck, electronics and parts and 1 year for labor, (lifetime warranty on motor and frame).Warranty: Lifetime for the deck, 5 year warranty for the electronics and parts, 2 year warranty on labor, (same lifetime warranty on motor and frame).
It has 6.5 Inch LCD displayIt has 9 inch LCD display
F63 has 20 inch wide running areaF80 has 22 inch wide running area

Sole f63 treadmill review

Sole f63 treadmill

Sole f63 is one of the best treadmill with numerous features compared to others in the market at this price range. Let’s first look some of it is awesome features which help your workout journey easy and comfortable.

Sole f63 treadmill

Sole f63 vs f80 treadmill review


  • Foldable
  • 3HP Motor Power
  • USB Support and LCD Screen
  • Vibration free & Cushion Flex Whisper Deck reduces impact to joints by 40%.

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Key Features:

  1. Foldable: It will not take much of your space in the room. When you workout you open it and after fold it and free the space occupied.
  2. F63 has built in Bluetooth speakers and a USB port.
  3. It has integrated tablet holder.
  4. It has 3 Horse Power motor.
  5. Top Speed: 12mph
  6. 20×60 inch surface for running with fan


  • Portable and save space as it foldable
  • Good for joints as it has vibration free incline and has 15 levels of smooth.
  • It has tablet holder where you can see your favorite show while running.
  • Screen to see your heart rate, distance ran, speed, etc.
  • Good built quality, it will last long.
  • Easy to move once assembled
  • It has Fan gives you some comfort while running


  • You cannot assemble alone. Need 2 people
  • Screen size smaller than f80 ( f80 has 9 inch LCD display whereas f63 has 6.5 Inch display)
  • Fans are bit weak.

Brief about the product:

Sole f63 is one the best treadmill in the market. It is having many features as we have discussed. It gives you comfort while running, good for your joints. Made up of steel – it is quite durable. It has 3 HP motor gives maximum of 12 mph speed which is quite good. It has maximum incline of 40 percent.  It supports maximum weight of 325 pounds. Rest all features we have already discussed. It is worth buying in this price range.

Sole f80 treadmill review

Sole f80 treadmill

Now, let’s see about the f80 variant in detail.

Sole f80 treadmill

sole f80 treadmill review

Sub Title

  • Foldable
  • 3.5 HP motor
  • Supports max. 375 pounds weight
  • Bluetooth Audio speaker and Tablet holder

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Key features:

  1. It has 3.5 HP motors.
  2. Bluetooth Audio Speakers and USB ports.
  3. Maximum speed same as f63 i.e. 12 mph.
  4. It also has fan.
  5. LCD Screen size of 9 inch.
  6. Tablet holder same as f63.
  7. Heart rate and pulse monitoring.


  • It is also foldable.
  • It supports weight upto 375 pounds.
  • Helps you to track your speed, heart rate, etc.
  • More warranty time.
  • Large LCD display.


  • Heavier than f63.
  • Here also fan is bit weak.

Brief about the product

Sole f80 is bit more updated version of f63 with most of the features are same. Sole f80 treadmill motor power is bit more which will give you advantage if you are a heavy gymer.

It supports 50 pounds extra weight than f63 which gives it an edge which will be helpful or advantageous for those having weight more than 327 pounds.

Longer warranty period also gives customer some relaxation and reliability to it. Definitely one of the best treadmill with lots of features.

Comparing between Sole f63 vs f80 surely in f80 you will get some extra features.

Sole f63 vs f80

Now, after looking individual features of both of them (f63 & f80) we will compare head to head Sole f63 vs Sole f80 for all the features.

  • Motor Power

As discussed above, f63 come with 3 HP motor and f80 comes with 3.5 HP motor. So here we can clearly see 0.5 HP difference.

But at the sametime the maximum speed for both f63 and f80 are same that is 12 mph. So, only seeing the HP will not be witty. But yeah f80 has an additional 0.5 HP.

If you are comparing between sole f63 vs f80 then this Motor Power plays an important role where f80 wins without any doubt.

  • Running Surface

Running surface for f63 is 20 x 60 inch whereas for f80 it is 22 x 60 inch. So, f80 is having 2 inch extra width. But the length is same which is 60 inch for both.

  • Weight Supports

F60 supports 327 pounds whereas f80 supports 375 pounds weight on it. Here you obviously get 50 pound weight extra for f80. But in my opinion if you are not above 300 pounds weight then this edge you should not consider because it will not give you much benefit with extra cost for f80.

  • Warranty

Here definitely f80 wins. In f80 you get lifetime warranty for the deck, motor and the frame. It also gives 5 year warranty for the electronics and the parts and 2 year warranty on labor. In f63, it gives 3 year warranty for deck, electronics and parts. It also gives 1 year warranty for labor and lifetime warranty for motor and frame.

  • Other Features

LCD screen display: As we discussed f80 has 9 inch display whereas f63 has 6.5 inch display.

Features in common with no edge to another: Bluetooth Speakers, USB port, heart rate and pulse monitoring, LCD screen, foldable, Tablet holder, maximum incline percentage (40 percent), etc.

Which to buy Sole f63 or f80 treadmill?

Here we will discuss which treadmill you should buy.

Now we will share our opinion between Sole f63 vs f80 which will help you to take decision.

First coming to f63, it is no doubt one of the best budget treadmill to buy in 2021. F80 is a heavy duty treadmill with bit more extra features.

If you are the person who does heavy gym and long running session then you should go for f80 because of its bit more heavier motor. But if you will be doing little running, jogging or walking kind of activities then f63 is ok.

If you are the only person to use the treadmill then Sole f63 is good but if your entire family is going to use it then you should consider Sole f80 as it bit heavy duty.

If you are tight on your budget then you should consider f63 over f80. Most of the features on f80 are same as f63. Some of the features are just updated. You can say f80 is a bit updated version of f63 with most the features same.

Is the Sole F63 good for running?

Absolutely, Sole offers one of the market’s best treadmill. In Sole f63 you get heavy duty motor which provide good running experience on it.

How long will a sole treadmill last?

Treadmill generally last for 10 years according to the manufacturers. But if you take proper care of it, it will even last much longer.

How loud is the Sole F80?

Loudness for f80 are approx. 67 decibels

Can you use iFit with Sole F80?

Yes, you can use iFit with Sole f80.

Is the Sole F80 worth the money?

Yes, it worth money. During Sales it prices comes to $1599 – $1999. There are some advanced features in f80 and it will not disappoint you with its performance for sure. If you are on this budget you should consider it.

Final Verdict

Comparing between Sole f63 vs f80. F63 is profitable to buy in our opinion. If you are the single user not doing athletic running like Usian Boult then you should consider buying f63. Definitely f80 has some updated features but paying $1000 more does not worth it if not that much required. If your budget is flexible then can consider Sole f80 to enjoy that extra updated features.

That’s all for this post of Sole f63 vs f80 treadmill comparison. Hope you liked it. Buy one of this treadmill and start your exercise journey to become fit. Also visit our Homepage. Thank You.

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